O Beautiful for Spacious Skies:
   An American Heritage

   © Leslie Hirst 2024

   3 Global Print 2017                                                     Message Threads
   International Ptrintmaking Exhibition                           catalogue: trame 02_2015
   Duoro, Portugal                                                           MUVE Museo del Merletto
   01 August - 31 October 2017                                      Burano, Italy
   Objectively Speaking                                                 INDA 8
   catalogue, 2015                                                           International Drawing Annual
   Center for Visual Research                                          © 2014 Manifest Press
   Cedar Crest College                                                    ISBN: 978-1-940862-03-3

    Architectural Inventions                                          fourmations
    Visionary Drawings                                                    Pavel Zoubok Gallery, New York, NY
    © 2012 Matt Bua & Maximillian Goldfarb                  catalogue essay by Arthur C. Danto
    ISBN: 978-1-78067-005-8                                         20 March - 19 April 2008


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