Leslie Hirst


Obsessive Aesthetics
Four: Maze
Four: Circle
Four: Square
Four: Fan
Four: Arch
Four: Ever
Four: Grid
Four: Ruffle
Four: Mountain
Four: Trail

Two, Four, Six: Petite Swirl

Four: Petite Cascade

Five: Petite Star

Five: Petite Eclipse

Four: Petite Watusi

Four: Petite Fortress

Four: Petite Rain

Two, Four, Six: Petite Spin

Four: Petite Ruffle.2

Four: Petite Ruffle.1

Four: Petite Quatrefoil
Four: Petite Square

Obsessive Aesthetics

Obsessive Aesthetics
Clover Paintings
Much like historically evolved settlements, the Clover Paintings embed layers of organic and man-made materials with painted imagery. Each painting is conceived and produced with regard to the location from which the clovers have been harvested. Likewise, each conforms to certain systems of order, such as numerology and color theory, while balancing on the edge of entropy, decay and chance. Ultimately, the pattern systems and the combination of image and material create a strange psychological analogy of our physical and social environment. The resulting works, therefore, read like an atlas of fantastic cities, stressing the sensations of terrain, density, weather, circulation and spirituality rather than the reality of “place.”

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