Leslie Hirst
Message Threads / il filo dei messaggidumpster (left), and FINE
Installation view, Museo del MerlettoFINEdumpsterSee AlsoBAUMBAUMThe LibraryInventors of WritingPassionFeebly Mimicking the Divine Disorder with Approximately Eighty Black LettersMessage Threads / il filo dei messaggi
Message Threads / il filo dei messaggi
Museo del Merletto Burano, Italy
56th International Venice Biennale
29 May - 01 August 2015

MUVE Contemporaneo
Mostre temporanee Temporary Exhibition in conjunction with La Biennale di Venezia

This solo exhibition was presented in the 18th century Podestà di Torcello, home of the historic lace collection at Museo del Merletto.

The works in Message Threads build from contemporary theories in text and language, particularly with the relationship between handwriting and digital code. Encryption and modes of collecting and sharing electronic data are broken down to reveal formal, repetitive systems of practice and communication. The links between visual and verbal language also suggest ways that movement and working with the hand affect cognition and memory.