Leslie Hirst
Lace Is A Four Letr Word (detail)

Lace Is A Four Letr Word

Grimshaw-Gudewicz Gallery

Lace Is A Four Letr Word


L O N E (profile)
L O N E (detail)


Chazan Gallery
Providence, Rhode Island
March 15 - April 13 2012

Lace sketch


only RARE

tant news2

DARe peco


Main Fate

Only From This Spot
The Graffiti Project
These works revolve around the materiality of the written word, its manipulation, distribution, accessibility, meaning, and how it is affected by place and time. Using forms based on actual graffiti extracted from the environment, the works address how mark and gesture act as communication as well as encryption from one ideological system to another. Through paintings, collages, installations and digital applications, the process of handwriting (intrinsic to both drawing and stitching) is emphasized.

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