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"La menzogna non è nel discorso, è nelle cose."

- from Italo Calvino's Invisible Cities.

In a fictitious dialog between the Venetian explorer, Marco Polo, and the great Kublai Kahn, Polo attempts to describe Kahn's vast empire using keepsakes from his travels. Polo claims:
"Falsehood is never in words, it is in things."

The concept for this installation grew from ongoing project research conducted on the island of Burano, Italy, located in the Venetian lagoon. Witnessing the impact of global trade and tourism on the fragile ecological, social and economic structure of Burano and other idyllic travel destinations prompted a deeper investigation into the stories of objects, places, and the people who ritualize them (makers and takers).

Known for its beautiful, colored houses and equally brilliant laundry drying in the sun, the subjects of these back-lit images are not unlike those captured by the hundreds who daily step onto and off of the island of Burano. My otherwise unretouched images, however, reveal that voice and void are concurrent forces.
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Other News

Artist Residency: AIR Krems; Krems Austria. April - June 2015

Skywriting - solo exhibition at Kunstverein Baden, Baden, Austria
08 May - 28 June 2015, opening reception 08 May

Message Threads - solo exhibition at Museo del Merletto, Burano, Italy
30 May - 1 August 2015

New Artist's Book Edition: 4our: Reflections on Quaternaries.
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